monoloGUE IS DEAD – LONG LIVE dialogUE

Advertising is monologue. Building a brand is about dialogue. Recognize and know your clients. Understand their true needs and begin a dialogue with them. On an average day, consumers encounter 3.000 and even up to 30.000 commercial messages. Standing out visually against the messages produced by other brands is critical for even being able to begin a dialogue.

People tend to form their opinion of a brand based solely on its appearance, before they have even heard what it has to say. In a world characterized by an excess of information and a shortage of time, just a brilliantly executed visuality alone may open the door for dialogue.

While the presence of a well-built visuality in all brand encounters is critical for your success, it is just as critical to be significant, understandable and honest. A true chance for success only comes when all of these four factors are realized.